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                        There were no winners for the June promotion. The Prize Details  in addition to the Smartphone with a 5.5" Screen ... 4G ... LTE, GSM ... Octa Core ... Android 5.1... 3GB Ram...16GB Smartphone´╗┐, will be adding a powerful Smart Watch, two incredible prizes. Smart Watch uses its own sim card and expandable 32GB memory card see the prize details for more info

June Promotion of Catch Max ended without a winner. In the next catch Max promotion a new prize will be added to the current 2 prizes.

  June Leader Board    

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             Quick Guide To Catch Max 

                    When using Search to find exactly what your looking for, information, images, questions, videos and more, on the  SEARCH RESULTS PAGE (after you search), thru out the day, you might see an animated logo of  Max. Click on it,

            you caught Max. You will receive a popup window for you to register. Using only a valid email address. (needed to contact you in case you are the winner)

            you will be provided with a unique 4 digit ID code. 

            After you receive your ID code, to enter and win the Catch Max promotion all you have to do is, share the link to  on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, or any other social media account and tell your followers to enter Your 4 digit ID  code

           on the home page of  in the “Enter referral ID code here” section upon visiting  Let them know they to could enter and win the prize too if they catch Max. You can even post our link to on your website or blog to publicly share your experience

           using to help find web pages,data, content, images, answers to your questions, to help improve your chance of winning.

            The winner of the prize will be the ID with the most referrals.(minimum of 10 referals to win the prizes) 

            Our Catch Max promotional offer is free with no purchase and is simply based on you sharing your experience using Google search with your friends and family member on your social media and them referring your ID code.

            Catch Max will set each promotion for the time duration, depending on the prize. 3 day, 7 days, 10 days, 30 days etc

             About Us

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             Fun: We're all about you having a great time using! Catch Max offers an  exciting new adventure .  What's more, Catch Max is unique - you will not find this game in any other software!

            With that, we welcome you to and our Catch Max promotion! Please feel free to offer your Feedback. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, so we encourage you to bring any concern to our attention.

                                                                                          Any Sponsors interested in a co promotion to sponsor Catch Max with a Prize please contact us.

            CATCH MAX!

                   We would like to give thanks to our loyal users, who have supported us here at We are proud to let you know that all our users will be able to take advantage of our Catch Max Promotion.

             How do you know if you have won?  Simple,  go to after 12:00 pm (PST) on the day after the promotion ends and if you have the most ID referrals you will see your unique 4 digit ID displayed as the winner of that promotion.

             We wish you the very best of luck!

             We invite you to learn more about our Catch Max promotion and share your experience . You can also read our Terms and Conditions , Official Rules.


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